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Guest Comments

Braeval Hotel Guest Comments 2012/2011
Date Comments Guest
04.06.12 “Lovely stay and delicious food.” Kisten Kassylc, Kent
03.06.12 “Very comfortable stay, great view + lovely breakfast ☺”

Toby Andrews & Louise Oliver, Newcastle

03.06.12 “Lovely Hotel, Great staff, Amazing Views”

Graeme Smith, Aberdeen

03.06.12 “Enjoyed our stay, Beer great!!”

Nor & Ken


“Lovely Spot, Wonderful walk on the beach, Great beer and whiskey!”

Jan, Canada
25.5.12 “Lovely Stay and Super Restaurant Meal. Thanks”

Colin & Joy, Dorset

23.5.12 “Enjoyed our stay, Great Staff J Thank you x”

Karen & Richard, Derby

23.5.12 “Great Staff and Food!”

Bill & Liddy Rioidon, USA


“Our first stay here was in 1977! We’ve been back many times since. Thanks for keeping our Nairn home so lovely.”

Tom & Joan Lindsay, New York

“Brilliant Place! Great Beer! Great Food! Great People!”

Chris, Glasgow

19.5.12 “The best welcome for the FROGS!”

Antoine Nonin, Paris, France

12.05.12 “Lovely room, excellent food. Good value for money.” B & K Lockwood, Yorkshire
12.05.12 “Delightful Stay – Don’t miss the Fish & Chips!” Bill & Becky Kennedy, Washington
May 12 "Bandstand in Nairn is outstanding!" Trip Advisor
May 12 “Great selection of real ales and whiskies. Lovely views out to sea across the links And very good food!” Trip Advisor
11.05.12 “Many thanks for a very enjoyable and welcoming stay.” John Davies, Dorset
09.05.12 “Lovely Stay. Excellent food and fantastic real ale. Great views from the restaurant.” James Clough, East Sussex
09.05.12 “Very helpful friendly staff. Fantastic views from restaurant. Enjoyed my stay.” Jennifer MacVicar, Argyll
07.05.12 “Fabulous hotel – highly recommended – lovely staff and food excellent.” Don/Zena Webster, Spain
22.04.12 “Great Welcome and good food – much appreciated!” Adam Robertson, Sussex
01.04.12 “Fabulous food. Here visiting for 1 week – will be back.” Karen Loudon, Lanarkshire
01.04.12 “Excellent food and atmosphere. Wonderful views from the restaurant!” Iain Bailey, Inverness
29.03.12 “Excellent food, nice atmosphere, comfy beds, great beers, what more do you need?” Lez Deegan
26.03.12 “Very friendly staff, meals were very good. Really enjoyed our stay. Thanks.” Pauline & Shaun Bruce, Fraserburgh
13.03.12 “Will be back again, thank you.” Mr Cursons, Kent
12.03.12 “Nice comfy bed, food delicious – nice place – nice folk – thank you.” Mr & Mrs Miller
09.03.12 “Thank you for a lovely staf, room, food & service great. Sadly no display of the northern lights – you’ll have to work on that one!” Mrs Gillian Alford, Surrey
08.03.12 “Lovely views, friendly staff, excellent food – hope to be back again when we are in Scotland.” Annabel, Warwickshire
29.02.12 “We’ve had a very pleasant, comfortable & relaxing stay. Thank you very much.” James & Mary Christie, Perth
20.02.12 “SUPERB ☺” Rolf Thorstensen, Norway
17.02.12 “Really pleased we picked this hotel. Lovely cosy room, very clean, very warm. Service good & very good food. Would recommend.” Mo & Jade Knight, Ivybridge
13.02.12 “EXCELLENT!” Alan Clark, Ayrshire
13.02.12 “A Fantastic sleep, very cosy and comfortable will stay again.” Kirk Stevens, South Wales
12.02.12 “Amazing food, friendly staff & warm atmosphere. Definitely going to come back.” Simon & Angela, Aberdeen
10.02.12 “Accommodation good, facilities very good & food quality ☺” David Fletcher
08.02.12 “Hotel was lovely, staff very friendly and food delicious! Hope to come back one day!” Duncan McNeill & Kim Neilson, Glasgow
29.01.12 “A wonderful stay. Warm, cosy and so friend,y. Would highly recommend and will be back! A x” Anna, London
09.01.12 “Good food, clean room. ENJOYABLE STAY.” Nina Mcfettinge
16.12.11 “Come Later.” Graham, Preston
16.12.11 “Great food, Clean rooms, Hosts & Staff are great, Highly Recommended.” Mark, Dundee
30.11.11 “Very good, we’ll be back!” Janet & Alex Hardie
29.11.11 “Great Room and Super Breakfast!! X” Angela Mackie & Agnes Wilson
27.11.11 “GREAT PEOPLE!!! VIVA SCOTLAND! Very Lovely.” Alexandre Rolo
24.11.11 “Fantastic – gorgeous views, warm in keepers & waiters, great food – relaxing and welcoming.” Stewart Auyash
20.11.11 “Great Weekend! Staff lovely and room and food great!” Karen & Gillian
14.11.11 “Wonderful area and charming staff and great good!” Lynde Brian, Edinburgh
13.11.11 “Food was fab, had a lovely stay, nice to have time away in a great place, thank you :)” Hazel & Mark
06.11.11 “Excellent, Good meals and plenty drinks, plus no midges!” John & Elizabeth, Isle of Skye
06.11.11 “Had a very enjoyable stay.” Derek & Laura, Larsert
03.11.11 “Excellent stay, will be back. Thank you all.” John, Aberdeen
31.10.11 “Great Hotel, Great Food, Great Staff. Back Soon.” Peterhead
31.10.11 “Thanks for the lovely views.” Karia & Enrico, Italy
29.10.11 “Great, Clean, Comfy stay.” Sharon and Donnie, Muir of Ord
25.10.11 “Had a fabulous time and staff seem nice. Was fantastic, will definitely come back”. Andeep, London
25.10.11 “Friendly stay and very good beer, good food, atmosphere and restaurant.” Camplbell, Edinburgh
23.10.11 “Lovely clean room, Great Staff, lovely food, would come back.” Orkney
21.10.11 “Enjoyed our stay & will call again. Many Thanks.” Tweedie Family, Inverurie
16.10.11 “Lovely clean rooms, restaurant meals lovely.” Adam & Jacquelene, Uddingston
12.10.11 “Very Friendly, excellent food. Thanks!” Aberdeen
11.10.11 “Another Great Stay! Thank You” Damien Tobin
10.10.11 “Great people, Fun bar, great stay – thanks!” Scen Ferris, Devon
08.10.11 “Great place, great food and drink!” Jenn & Dave Lynch, Coventry
07.10.11 “Good” B.D.Smith
04.10.11 “Good Ale” Rick
04.10.11 “Back Again!!” Rob Jenner
26.09.11 “Great Hospitality” L & W Forbes, Aberdeen
25.09.11 “Wonderful stay, fantastic food! Lovely people and staff. Look forward to staying again soon.” Damien Toben, Isle of Skye
12.09.11 Very Nice.” Ami & Jack, Aberdeen
12.09.11 “Lovely!” Andy & Tracy, South Africa
12.09.11 “Nice, wonderful people.” Joe & Nancy Tavermiti
11.09.11 “Great Hotel, Location and friendly staff!” Jamison & Aparna
10.09.11 “Excellent food and nice clean rooms. Good value. Glad we stumbled across you!” Eric and Ireve Thomson, Cornwell
08.09.11 “Nice, thanks!” Jim and Julie
08.09.11 “Lovely hotel, lovely staff, lovely room and bar great! Great Breakfast! Will be back soon!”  
07.09.11 “friendly and helpful. Excellent food” Bolton
07.09.11 “I just love this place, will be back! Nice staff, nice food!” Motherwell
04.09.11 “Very good food, great sea view, nice people, thank you!” Turners, USA
04.09.11 “Very nice host and Hotel, food very good. We will be back again!” Essex
03.09.11 “Wonderful Stay! Excellent view and great food!” Mariyn & Mike Quinn, England
03.09.11 “Nice room and view.” Catherine Clanton, CA
28.08.11 “Great Stay! Good food and Accommodation – Will be back in the Summer!!!” Joyce & Colin, Davis, AYR
25.08.11 “Very comfort accommodation, nice people. Thank you very much! Denis & Ala, Russia, Moscow
15.08.11 “Freedom!!!” Jacobson Family, USA
15.08.11 “Very good hotel! Friendly people! Thanks! Yves & Genda, Belgium
14.08.11 “Lovely food & hospitality. Many thanks.” Tom & Margaret Crawford, Dundee
14.08.11 “Comfortable bed. Lovely and friendly staff. Great restaurant. Nice pub. Hope will be back one day or another.” Nicola & Silvia Baronti, Variello, Italy.
13.08.11 “Perfect Stay! Great hospitality. Thanks.” Samlewin & Dean Cartland, London
12.08.11 “Good breakfast & hospitality” David & Carol Eynon, Falkland Islands
11.08.11 “Great beer, Great Food, Great Staff!” Chris & Susie Mansfield, Durham
07.08.11 “Perfect days. Thanks!” Salamansberger, Duchie
08.08.11 “Excellent menu & Food.” Macleod, Bensa, France.
04.08.11 “Great stay. Will be back. Thanks.” Mr & Mrs Fildes, Lancashire
04.08.11 “Great service, good food & comfortable room. Thanks”. Stuart, Glasgow
03.08.11 “Great stay & customer service. Thanks” Marti & Deepy, Aberdeen
02.08.11 “Great stay & breakfast” Graham & Gayle Shepherdson, Swillington Leeds.
01.08.11 “Thank you so much – we had a great stay –enjoyed the area and, of course, the pub! Cheers” Heather, Ted, Laura & Annie Williams, Langley. Canada.
25.07.11 “O/nite stay very good. Will be again” James McCutcheon, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow
18.07.11 “Relaxing stay, wonderful views and Ross enjoyed the ales!” Sarah and Ross, Greenwich, London
17.07.11 “Fantastic place. Thank you xxx” R Thorland
17.07.11 “Great place, wonderful people, superb ambiance. Thank you!” Mike O, London
13.07.11 “Great stay, Great service!” Amy & Matt Stimpson, Canada
05.07.11 “Lovely old town, great service and excellent food.” Colin Crooks, Cardiff, Wales
02.07.11 “Very lovely, friendly staff, great food and $million view!!!” Edie & Jim Hipp, Spartanburg, SC USA
02.07.11 “Wonderful, thanks!” Pam & Aaron Hipp, St Louis MO, USA
02.07.11 “Very lovely! Thank You!” Katy & Brian Burguyn, North Carolina, USA
30.06.11 “Superb as ever. Thank you.” Graham Taylor, South Kyme. Lincs
29.06.11 “Beer good. Food good. Very pleasant, thanks.” Roger & Yvonne Taite, Southport.
25.06.11 “Very comfortable. Enjoyed our visit.” Hope & Stewart Maiin, Portlethen
21.06.11 “Very comfortable & nice food & staff.” Ronnie Brown, Edinburgh
17.06.11 “Thanks for letting us park on the deck! A1!” Alistair Urquhart, Leeds.
16.06.11 “Great food! Lovely view” James & Nichole Harvey, Weirton WV, USA
08.06.11 “We had a pleasant stay here and come back next time.” Fitzhardt, Germany
05.06.11 “Superstaff, great food and scallops gourmet. I’d recommend it anytime.” David Bailley, Moon Bay CA USA
31.05.11 “Delightful stay. Staff so welcoming, service excellent. Dining delicious and so comfortable – We’ll be back.” Jeff & Jo Poole, Brimscombe Stroud
28.05.11 “Nice stay – views great. Very comfortable – good food.” Margaret & Geber Strich, Ontario Canada
23.05.11 “Very Enjoyable stay. Food excellent. Staff excellent. Thank you.” Brian & Dee Adamson. Norfolk.
21.05.11 “Spot on!” Bob Wellwood, Prestwick
20.05.11 “Thoroughly enjoyed the stay! Beautiful food. Will return.” John & Margaret Greenwood. Barnsley
13.05.11 “Great food, Comfy Rooms.” Pauline & Ray Anderson, New Zealand.
12.05.11 “Lovely view” Lovely food! Lovely people!” Diane & Ralph Griffiths, Buckinghamshire
05.05.11 “Very pleasant stay. Thank you.” Frank Kinnon. Blackpool
05.05.11 “Perfect spot! Great view, food & people. Thanks.” Barb Swanson & Mackenzie Campbell, Toronto, Canada.
24.04.11 “Great place. Friendly staff. Will be back. Thank you.” Eileen Carr
24.04.11 “Great ales & food.” Mark Shakesby & Tim Shakesby, Durham & Norfolk
23.04.11 “Nice place, lovely and friendly people. Will come back.” James Mirza
23.04.11 “Very good. Nairn lovely. Hope to be back soon.” Adrian Kelly & Pamely Walsh, Port Glasgow
15.04.11 “Beautiful spot!! Great breakfast!” Gary & Michelle Powers, Australia
12.04.11 “Excellent hotel, really enjoyed our stay. Staff were all really friendly. Will be back again!” Elaine & Brian Morrison, Kilsyth
10.04.11 “Back again!!” Rob Jenner, Fyne Ales
24.03.11 “Very good hotel – hot water for shower –excellent breakfast – friendly staff.” John Tait, Perthshire
24.03.11 “Excellent. Hope to stay again in the near future.” Chris Bolton, Lincs.
18.03.11 “Thank you for a lovely stay, good food. Nice surroundings. Well done. Thanks again.” Nina Dunbartonshire
11.03.11 “Thank you for a lovely break. Great staff. Fantastic chef – mmmm!” Irene Pert, Ross Pert
07.03.11 “Lovely place. Friendly staff. Great food.” Christine & Sandy Miller, Clackmannanshire
06.03.11 “You’re just great!” Gallie & Marie Hartendbos, South Africa
18.02.11 “Always a lovely time. Like staying with family. Thanks.” Aaron Childs, Philadelphia. PA
07.01.11 “Very friendly staff. Lovely Outlook. Nice room.” Anne & Rick.Perth. Western Australia
02.01.11 “I love this place xx” Matt & Roly, Caithness



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